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Industrial gases treatment

Process gas cooling

The high temperature of exhaust gases common in pyrometalurgy processes usually does not allow direct gas cleaning. Gas can be cooled  in many ways – jacket, surface ,, through the evaporation of the liquid or mixing with colder gas streams. In all these areas we have advanced, proven in industrial practice solutions .

They include both custom designed gas treatment lines  as well as specialized products detailed in the Products section.

Fields of application

  • steel industry
  • non-ferrous metals
  • cement plants

Gas desulphurization


The wet limestone technology; because of its high efficiency, simplicity and reliability; is the most widely used technology for flue gas purification in power generation  industry.

In collaboration with the Institute of Nonferrous Metals in  Gliwice we have implemented a  variant  of the technology specially designed  for treatment of gas with a particularly high content of SO2 ( up to 1 % ).

Range of applications

  • highly SO2 laden flue gas from power plants,
  • waste incinerators,
  • non-ferrous metals metallurgy


Semi-dry FGD “DRY SCRUBBING”, characterized by moderate  investment expenditures and relatively low operating cost, in many applications is optimal technology for gas purification for middle-size power plants.

Our reference list includes application of this process for removal of acid pollutants from  from combustion gases and other waste industrial gases.

Range of application

  • moderately SO2 laden flue gas from power plants
  • waste incinerators
  • selected non-ferrous metallurgical processes

Dry scrubbing FGD (630.79 KB)


Dry scrubbing process (injection of dry lime or sodium sorbent into gas stream) offers  less expensive alternative for the more efficient wet and semi-dry methods, It is recommended for applications wherein removal efficiency is not critical.

Depending on the application, hydrated lime or sodium compounds can be used a SO2 sorbent.


  • power plants
  • cleaning of combustion gases from the low sulphur fuels
  • ventilation gases in non-ferrous metal industry
  • waste incinerators

Dust extraction systems

AMK Krakow SA offers complete extraction and cleaning systems of industrial gases suitable  also  for  harsh operating conditions – high temperature, aggressive environment, the threat of explosion.

We offer both production plants and waste gas treatment facilities. Depending on the customer needs and requirements we furnish them with different types of dust collection equipment  mechanical, electrostatic precipitators, and various  filters designs.

For information on offered equipment  please view the Products section.


  • metallurgy
  • non-ferrous metal industry
  • power plants and heating units
  • cement and lime industry

Complex gas cleaning

Waste gases from power or heating plants and metallurgical processes often require the removal of various of gaseous and / or dust pollutants. The process engineering of gas treatment is the combination of different techniques for cooling, heat recovery, absorption and dust extraction. Such installations are usually designed individually for each application.

Fields of application

  • non-ferrous metallurgy
  • steel industry
  • power plants