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AMK Krakow is a part of the Mostostal Warszawa Group.

Industrial technologies

Recovery of minor metals in non-ferrous metal industry

Processing common non-ferrous metals such as copper and zinc is normally associated with generation of byproducts containing so called “minor metals”. These metals, including precious metals: lead, cadmium, antimony, rhenium and others  often have significant market value.

AMK Krakow SA provides hydro and pyrometallurgical processes used for metals recovery and refining.

These processes are tailored to fit particular applications and the Customer needs.

Area of application

  • non-ferrous metals industry

Advanced hydrometallurgical processes

These processes use variety of techniques such as leaching, filtration, cementation, flotation, etc. They are implemented to:

  • improve production efficiency
  • remove of pollutants from the production circuit

Our processes are mainly used in the following applications:

  • non-ferrous metal industry
  • in the processing of waste materials and by-products

Zinc recovery from recycled materials

We provide technology and a full range of equipment for production lines for processing EAF dust, electrolysis residues  and other zinc bearing waste materials in order to recover zinc oxide and  technologies for zinc refining.

Fields of application:

  • electric steelworks
  • zinc hydrometallurgy


Asphalt storage and distribution facilities

We offer storage and asphalt distribution including storage tanks, heating system, expedition lines, installation of vapor extinguishing, nitrogen stations, compressed air and nitrogen pipelines, boilers and pump station.

Bulk materials storage and conveying lines

We provide systems for storage of bulk materials, slurries, coal, biomass, etc. The systems are furnished with equipment equipment supplied by renowned manufacturers, often the custom-designed for the application.

The offered systems are mostly used in:

  • mining
  • metallurgy
  • power plants
  • cement and lime industry