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Pulse-jet filters


Pulse-jet bag filter is our product line which has been consistently improved from the very beginning of the company establishment. As a result of extensive R&D work and operating experience, AMK Krakow S.A. provides bag filters capable to achieve every specified requirements – outlet concentration far below 1 mg/m3, capacity of millions m3 of gases and possibility to clean aggressive, hot gases.

Our filters are always carefully selected to meet the operation requirements. For conventional applications, AMK Krakow SA recommends compact and economical models, while for the systems operating in extreme environments . we provide custom-tailored filters with advanced technical and material solutions.

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Cassette filters

Cassette filters

PFK type filters use filtering elements in the form of horizontally mounted cassettes. The cassette filter is a compact, highly efficient pulse-jet filter suitable to separate particulate matter in both indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Small ,compact cassette filters, with a capacity of up to several thousand m3/h, are supplied as complete units with an integrated fan.

Benefits of PFK-type filters

  • compact design
  • short installation time
  • increased cassette durability
  • deflector screen
  • quick replacement of cartridges
  • top – bottom gas flow
  • low operating costs

Pleated bag cartridge filters

Pleated bag cartridge filters

PFN type pulse-jet filter uses top loader pleated bags for gas filtration and are recommended for removing dry dust from gas streams.

Due to high filtering areas of pleated bags capacity of filter is high in relation to its gross dimensions. The filter cartridge in the top has a flexible collar fastened in a hole plate, with a special adaptor ring. Cartridge diameter is 150 mm and its length ranging from 600 – 2000 mm.

The fiber commonly used in all the cartridges is polyester.

Benefits of PFN type filter

  • large filtering area
  • comfortable cartridge replacement from the clean side
  • filter cartridges from renown suppliers
  • no supporting cages required